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Top Tips For Winter Driving

06th December 2019

Winter is officially here and the cold weather and dark evenings are here to stay.


Here’s 5 top tips for winter driving:

Lose the snooze – Make sure you clear your car of any ice or misted windows before heading off. It may mean one less snooze button in the morning but will help keep you safe and above the law.

Winter driving has a whole array of extra hazards – Icy, dark, wet, wintry conditions mean an increased risk of road accidents. Keep your insurance details on your phone should you need these in the event of an accident.

Be prepared – You never know what delays you might face so it’s savvy to keep some extra items in your car for the winter months; a winter jacket, suitable footwear, water and snacks, warning triangle, phone charger, shovel and a torch.

Keep topped up – Keeping the tank at least a quarter full should save you the embarrassment of running out of fuel and calling for help.

Rescue – If the worst happens and you need to be rescued from the roadside, make sure you’ve got any details to hand of any cover you have in place either through your insurance, bank or a separate cover.


Stay safe whilst travelling and enjoy the festive season!


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